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If You Suspect Abuse, Report Abuse Now

If a child discloses they have been abused, remain calm and let the child know you believe them. Listen and let them talk. Ask simple, open-ended questions to gather the information you need to make a report. If a child has not told you they have been abused but you have reason to suspect they have, do not delay, make a report. Do not, however, attempt to conduct your own investigation or interview the child yourself. Gather only the minimal facts needed to make a report and call local Child Protective Services office or police to make an initial report. If the child is in immediate danger or it is an emergency, call 911.

The information needed to make a report includes:

  • The child's name, age, and home address
  • Name and contact information for the child's parent or caregiver
  • Current location of the child
  • Nature and extent of abuse (collect only minimal facts from the child, such as who the child identifies as the perpetrator and the type of abuse alleged)

Child Abuse Reporting Phone Numbers for the State of Maryland

Allegany County
(301) 784-7122
(301) 759-0362 (after hours)

Anne Arundel County
(410) 421-8400 

Baltimore City
(410) 361-2235 (24 hours) 

Baltimore County
(410) 853-3000 (24 hours) 

Calvert County
(443) 550-6969 (24 hours) 

Caroline County
(410) 819-4500
(410) 479-2515 (after hours) 

Carroll County
(410) 386-3434 (24 hours) 

Cecil County
(410) 996-0100
(410) 996-5350 (after hours) 

Charles County
(301) 392-6739
(301) 932-2222 (after hours) 

Dorchester County
(410) 901-4100
(410) 221-3246  (after hours)

Frederick County
(301) 600-2464
(301) 564-8230  (after hours)


Garrett County
(301) 533-3005
(301) 334-1911 (after hours)

Harford County
(410) 836-4713
(410) 638-4500  (after hours)

Howard County
(410) 872-4203
(410) 313-2929 (after hours)

Kent County
(410) 810-7600
(410) 758-1101 (after hours)

Montgomery County
(240) 777-4417 (24 hours) 

Prince George’s County
(301) 909-2450
(301) 699-8605  (after hours)

Queen Anne’s County
(410) 758-8000 (24 hours) 

St. Mary’s County
(240) 895-7016
(301) 475-8016 (after hours) 

Somerset County
(410) 677-4200
(410) 651-9225 (after hours) 

Talbot County
(410) 770-4848 (option #1)
(410) 822-3101(after hours)

Washington County
(240) 420 -2222 (24 hours) 

Wicomico County
(410) 713-3900 (option #1)
(410) 548-4890 (after hours) 

Worcester County
(410) 677-6800 or
(410) 641-0097

What Will Happen Next?

Local authorities must begin an investigation within 24 hours. A thorough inquiry is conducted to determine if the child was abused and what services are appropriate for the child and family. The agencies involved vary depending on the nature of the allegations and the Maryland jurisdiction where the case is located.

What Will Be Done for the Child? 

All agencies work to minimize trauma to children and preserve the family whenever possible. In some instances, the child and family may be brought to a Children's Advocacy Center for a forensic interview and follow-up services. Should the child be found to be in danger of continued harm, the child may be removed from the home. Through counseling, training and other support services, families learn to end the cycle of abuse and establish a parent/child relationship that will be free of physical and mental violence.